Split Second Success


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Whether you are at the top of your game or career, or in the depths of adversity and struggle, we all have one thing in common: we are all seeking a way to live a better, purposeful, and more fulfilling life. 

Carolyne Onkoba is a highly successful registered nurse, bestselling author, and an internationally recognized business and life coach. She has learned to focus on living for what’s important in life. Her initial success came at a high personal cost: broken family and missing out on her daughter’s events and milestones. Now, she helps people who are unbalanced and unfulfilled in their life to get clarity, become more efficient and productive so they make their Dash count by spending more quality time with their loved ones and live on purpose.  Because that's the exact challenge she successfully overcame in her own life. Complete success is possible without sacrificing relationships and values that you hold dear and Carolyne can show you how to achieve it.  It’s all about the One You…One Life…One Chance! To learn more about how you can make your Dash count message me via the contact form below.

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