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My name is Carolyne Onkoba. I am a registered nurse who worked myself into a frenzy. I believed my financial success was more important than anything else.

I missed many of my daughter’s school events, but I talked myself into believing I was offering her the example of my “good work ethic.”

When my mother passed away, I felt like I barely knew her, even though she was living in my home. Finally, I woke up and made a different choice.

I realized the true cost of my “perfect life” was far too high a price to pay.

Have you stumbled into a vortex? Are you are ready to exit? Do you want to be the captain of your ship again?

Yes, You can, you You can exit the vortex and regain a sense of control.

Ask Yourself:

Is your life slipping by?

Do you feel like you are powerless to create change in your life?

Are you dissatisfied with your work or family life?

Are you unsure about your God-given purpose?

Or – perhaps you know your purpose but feel unable to live into it?

Let Carolyne Help You:


Stop feeling defeated and take control of your life

Restore a sense of purpose and meaning

Make choices that bring you into right relationship

Get on the “right track” with an intentional, deliberate plan

Your Life Is a Choice!

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