Meet the Coach

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Carolyne Onkoba


I’m Carolyne Onkoba. As a registered nurse, I was a high achiever with a six-figure income, and I was admired for my success. I became obsessed with climbing the career ladder and chasing financial success. I lost sight of my values… Faith, Family, and Friends. Before I knew it, my life was out of control and I lost my emotional and spiritual connection with the people that were most important in my life.

This was too high a price to pay for “success.” Getting my priorities backward cost me my marriage and started to impact my relationship with my daughter as well. I became burnt out and lost my way. When my mother became was sick, I took her into my home to care for her. Although I cared for her physically, I missed the opportunity to connect with my Mom before she passed. This was the turning point that made me wake up and take inventory of my life.

Now, I’ve built a life where I can feel grounded and spiritually connected. I still contribute to the community as a successful registered nurse [part time]. [But I also follow my passion] as a business and life coach, I help people from all walks of life in the hope that they do not fall into the same trap that I fell into.

You see, time is precious, and I could not bear to waste another minute of it away from my daughter and the life I wanted to live with her. A God-centered life is a life of abundance… a life full of joy.

Yes, you can still maintain a high level of success in all areas of your life – No need to trade one thing for the other! Let me show you how to create balance and harmony, work less, make more money, and stay true to yourself and your best life in the process.

It’s a great day to start turning your life around! Let’s Talk!

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