Knowing when to stop

Hello and welcome to all of my followers, both old and new. I’m coming to you today with my latest tip in making your dash count. This tip helped me to not get back into the rat race when I first started my own business. Knowing when to stop is my key tip for this week.

knowing when to stop working late

Late nights

As a nurse, I worked mostly twelve hour shifts. That time is so busy when you’re working in the emergency room. Quite often, traumas would come in and I would end up staying late. When I started my own business, I was working and studying late. I was so used to staying up late because I used to work night shifts. I ended up working long hours, but I never really stopped to think about this. Then, my daughter started complaining that I was just working more than I used to do as a nurse. I realized that I had to make a change. Knowing when to stop suddenly became very important for my family life.

Stop times

What I created was a stop time. What does that mean? So, when my day starts, and I put down all of my objectives for the day, I set stop times for everything. The most important stop time is when I’m going to stop for the day. Business is never going to end. There are so many things out there that you can get caught up in, and you forget to stop and breathe. So when I start my day, every day, when I’m walking to the office, I make sure that I’ve decided what time I’m going to finish. Knowing when to stop is vital. Last time on the blog, we talked about planning your day. This is something you should plan too.

knowing when to stop overwhelmed study work

How does it help?

When I do that, it helps me to be more productive That’s because I’m maximizing the hours that I have in the day to complete my work. Stop time is extremely vital, because if you don’t have one, then you will just keep going and going. The reality is, and science, technology and research have shown us this, that humans can only be so productive.

Imagine you’re trying to burn the midnight oil and keep going up until 10 or 11pm, or even midnight, and then you start work again at 7am. Are you really being productive, or creative? You need to ask yourself that. Create that time block. I’m going to talk about time block in more detail next week. Create a stop time for yourself, and when the day is done you can stop and breathe. Whatever is left, you can start again tomorrow. I promise you one thing, you will be more productive and creative if you are well rested. Knowing when to stop will help you in your business life and in your personal life. Burning the midnight oil might not be the best thing to do for your business or for yourself. Create stop times, and especially the stop time for the end of the day.

Learning More

This is Carolyne Onkoba with making your Dash count.  I’m helping businesswomen come from chaos and hassle to harmony and possibility. Making your Dash count simply means – what is it that you’re doing right now that is going to make an impact when you’re not here? What is your legacy? Your dash is the time from when you are born to when you’re no longer here. So, how do you live daily so that you can make that gap, that Dash, count? Knowing when to stop and get some rest is a vital part of that.

I would love to help you either in your home life or your business – why don’t you book in for a FREE consultation & we can see if we are a good fit? Click here to book your consultation now. I’m also looking for mothers to interview for my motherhood plus series. If you’re interested in taking part, feel free to contact me, and we can talk about your motherhood secrets. This way, other people can learn how to make their own lives even better.

Carolyne Onkoba is a highly successful registered nurse, bestselling author, and an internationally recognized business and life coach. She has learned to focus on living for what’s important in life. Her initial success came at a high personal cost: broken family and missing out on her daughter’s events and milestones. Now, she helps people who are feeling unbalanced and unfulfilled in their life to get clarity, become more efficient and more productive. This way, they can make their Dash count by spending more quality time with their loved ones and live with purpose.


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