Defining your Why

Today I want to talk to you all about WHY. There is so much importance to knowing your why; defining your why. Why do we wake up each morning? Why do you get up and do what you do? Why is that you want to do more or do better? Defining your ‘why’ is extremely important, because that is what will keep you going. It is what will inspire you, what empowers you and keep you focussed. Yes, at times you will feel like things are not working, but you know why you are doing what you are doing, you will be able to push more and focus on the end goal.

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Defining your why

For me, I define my why five times. There is a great technique called the 5 Whys. This method was developed by Sakichi Toyoda, the Japanese industrialist, inventor, and founder of Toyota Industries, in the 1930s. It allows you to drill down to the root of a goal or a problem by asking why five times. It helps you to really define and solidify why you do what you do. So why did I choose to become an entrepreneur and leave a 9-5 job?

My biggest reason was for more time and freedom. But why was time and freedom important? I needed to spend more time with my family. Why was that important? Because they deserve it!

So I kept asking myself why and why and why do they deserve it. It’s because quality relationships are so incredibly important.

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Ask yourself

Today I want to encourage you to really ask yourself why do you what you do. Why did you choose A instead of B? Why do you wake up? I want you to become very clear on that; not just the surface reason of why you are doing things. Defining your why will allow you to really push to achieve your goals.

Let’s say for example you are in business and you want to earn more money. Why is that important? Keep asking why – each time you will drill down closer to the real reason.

Q. Why do I want to earn more money?

A. I want to earn more because then I will have more disposable income.

Q. Why do you need more disposable income?

A. It will give me more financial independence.

Q. Why is that important?

A. It’s important because I want to buy a house someday.

Q. Why is that important?

A. It’s important because I have a young family and I want them to have a home.

Q. Why is it important that they have a home?

A. So they are safe and secure.

My personal why

The best example I have as I said earlier is ‘why did I leave work?’. I left work because I wanted time and freedom. Why did I want that – because I wanted to spend more time with my daughter and live a fuller life. Why did I want more time with my daughter? Well, because she deserves it. Why does she deserve it? She deserves it because she is my daughter and I love her and I want to be able to create moments and make the dash count. And why is that so important? Ultimately, that’s why I’m here. To be able to have those meaningful relationships, live a full life and enjoy every single day.

defining your why

Learning more

This is Carolyne Onkoba with making your Dash count. What does making your Dash count mean? Some of you might not be very familiar with that. Making your Dash count simply means – what is it that you’re doing right now that is going to make an impact when you’re not here? What is your legacy? Your dash is the time from when you are born to when you’re no longer here. So, how do you live daily so that you can make that gap, that Dash, count? I would love to help you either in your home life or your business – why don’t you book in for a FREE consultation & we can see if we are a good fit? Click here to book your consultation now. You’ll also find lots of inspirational videos and tips on my Facebook page too, so be sure to follow it today.

Carolyne Onkoba is a highly successful registered nurse, bestselling author, and an internationally recognized business and life coach. She has learned to focus on living for what’s important in life. Her initial success came at a high personal cost: broken family and missing out on her daughter’s events and milestones. Now, she helps people who are feeling unbalanced and unfulfilled in their life to get clarity, become more efficient and more productive. This way, they can make their Dash count by spending more quality time with their loved ones and live with purpose.


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